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Super-Track Major + TRE-70

Mobility Stairclimber - powered wheelchair stairway management

Managing Powered Chairs & Scooters... Safe, comfortable, efficient management of powered wheelchairs on stairways. Compare the Super-Track Major & The Super-Track Major TRE-70.

Super-Track Major + TRE-70, Tracked Stairclimber

Compare the Super-Track Major & The Super-Track Major TRE-70.

Super-Track Major - Features

Large platform will accommodate virtually any wheelchair, including electric and sports chairs.
Integrated non-slip loading ramp.
Powerful dual motors carry up to 440lbs (200kgs).
Rechargeable battery and charger.
Operates on indoor and outdoor stairways.
Wide, double tracks securely grip stairs.
Large wheels allow easy travel across landings between stair flights.
Integrated tie-down straps and seatbelt hold wheelchair securely on platform.
Adjustable headrest.
Simple, easy to use controls.
Robust commercial design.

Super-Track Major - Benefits

Instant accessibility solution.
Economical compared to elevators and custom designed wheelchair lifts.
Requires no building renovations, no installation permits or licenses.
No permanent impact on stairway egress width.
A single unit provides access into many buildings.
Easily stored in a secure area when not in use.
Requires minimal maintenance compared to an elevator or wheelchair lift.
Great backup system for evacuation if power fails.
Indoor and outdoor.
safe and easy for operator and passenger.

Super-Track Major TRE-70 - Features

230 kg maximum load capacity – the biggest capacity for a mobile stairclimber.
Steady, safe and easy drive through floor, stairway and landing by the Flexible Drive Frame.
The Auto-leveling Platform ensures the passenger more comfortable trips.
A suitable climbing speed are selected automatically at any section of staircase.
The Powered Loading Winch and the Wider Ramps ensure more comfortable loading for both, the passenger and the operator.

Super-Track Major TRE-52

Electrical loading winch to pull the wheelchair.
An integrated loading ramp with non-skid surface makes wheelchair boarding easy.
Sensor 1 & 2: In ascending/descending, to make running speed faster/slower. In descending, at the edge of landing space, to make the rail frame bent.
Sensor 3: In descending, at the edge of landing space, to make the rail frame straight and to make descending speed faster.
Sensor 4 & 5: In ascending, to make the rail frame bent and to make ascending speed slower.

Super-Track Major

Super-Track Major TRE-70

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