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S-Max Powered Stairclimber

Powered Mobility Stairclimber

The S-Max is suitable for virtually all commercially available wheelchairs. The S-Max stairclimber by AAT (Alber Antriebstechnik) can be mounted or removed quickly and easily from your wheelchair for transportation due to its unique design.

S-Max, Powered Mobility Stairclimber

Where circumstances such as tight or spiral stairs arise, or when you have the need to manage multiple wheelchair users, for example to ensure access in a public building, S-Max powered stairclimber can accommodate through the use of its extensive range of accessories, two examples of which are shown below.
Up and down stairs in your own wheelchair quickly, safely and easily.
AAT S-Max stairclimber fits virtually all commercial wheelchairs, even particular narrow children's wheelchairs.
The brackets especially developed modular concept makes a simple assembly possible.
This stairclimber is easy to handle because of the newly developed climbing system.
The handle's solid connection to the climbing unit provides a secure feeling for stairclimbing.
The grips and control unit are constructed according to the newest ergonomic insights.
The climbing speed can be specifically adjusted to the particular climbing situation at hand.
The single step mode offers optimum ease in controlling the S-Max stairclimber to ensure safe as well as careful movement over all kinds of stairs.
The S-Max's thought-out safety concept includes independent brakes, which stop automatically at the edge of each step.
Narrow stair cases or winding stairs are no problem for the AAT S-Max stairclimber.
This stair climber is suitable for all floor coverings, be it wood, stone, marble, tiles or carpet. The exposed edges of stairs are not damaged.
Durable and maintenance-free batteries provide energy for up to 300 steps.
The electrical wires run inside protecting them from damage.
AAT S-Max is your ideal partner in everyday life.
S-Max Stairclimber SDM7 Wheelchair

S-Max Powered Stairclimber by AAT

SDM7 Universal Wheelchair Rack

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